Backroads & gravel
Skåne, Sweden

A southern Swedish challenge
for body and soul

Malmö to Malmö. In 3 days we cover more than 500km of the finest and pristine gravel and backroads that Skåne has to offer. A real challenge that combines salt and sweet - we dig deep and suffer, but also get to enjoy the award winning kitchens of the best Spas in the region. Finishing off the days with soothing baths and cold beer.  Skåne500 is the unforgivable gravel adventure that takes you around and across the Southern region of Sweden. In a small gruppetto of 12 likeminded.
In 2020 the Skåne500 experience will be held on 5 exclusive occasions following the seasonal changes from April to October.
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Day 1


Malmö – Brösarp

START Malmö/Musette

We start off early with a short brief and an espresso at Musette. Day one we go through the town of Malmö, aim at Hyllie and cruise out of the sleeping town. From Hyllie we meet the gravel and then we follow the small winding gravel and backroads down to the southern coast of Sweden through Smygehuk (most southern point). Thereafter we follow the coastal backroads to Ystad where we stop for lunch.

LUNCH Ystad Saltsjöbad  100km

After a nice and strengthening lunch we take the forest roads and go East and cross the fields of Kabusa. Thereafter we head NorthEast through the famous open landscape of Österlen. Gravel and backroads. When arriving at lake Gyllebo, the lanscape shifts for more dense forests and hilly terrain. The day’s destination is reached after 172km, Brösarps Gästgiveri and Spa. Here we enjoy the outdoor pool, cold drinks and the infamous Äggakaga.

DINNER Brösarps Gästgifveri
Day 2


Brösarp – Torekov

Early rise. This day is to be remembered. More than 200km on the epic old gravelroads of northern Skåne. We roll out early after a delicious breakfast, where we first go North on an old railroad track,  which now is a fantastic gravelroad. We pass the waterfall Forsakar and then cross the Drakamöllan naturereserve. The first ridge is Linderödsåsen where we go on small gravelroads mixed with forgotten backroads that ”no-one ever uses”. We stop for lunch after 100 km around Hässleholm. We are now halfway.

LUNCH Perstorps golfklubb 110km

Second part of the monster day. After some nice winding quite roads we take to the gravel again and the ridge of Söderåsen which transfers to the ridge of Hallandsåsen. Long rolling hills and amazing forests. We follow the ridge towards its peak point of 202 elevation meters. It does not sound of much but it needs to be experienced. From here it is only about 20 km left to our stay by the sea of Torekov. The last part is a rewarding downhill that takes us directly to our destination, where the heated pool and dinner is awaiting at Torekov Hotel.

DINNER Torekov Hotell
Day 3


Torekov – Malmö

Sleep in. Big breakfast and great coffee. We leave the hotel around 9-ish and warm up with nice quite asphalt roads that takes us back up on the ridge again. From here we go South East on gravelroads to Skäralid naturereserve and climb to the spectacular lookout before we head down to the restaurant at the foot of the reserve. Lunch after 80 km.

LUNCH Skäralids Restaurang 80km

The first section after lunch is a classic enjoyable climb of the ridge. Therafter we follow the beautiful forestroads in Söderåsen until the ridge ends. Now we are going West towards the sea and follow the coastal line back to Malmö. Skåne500 is now completed. Congratulations and well done! Afterbike dinner, war stories and recovery at the hotel in Malmö awaits before we head home.

DINNER Malmö / Musette

Skåne500 fits the passionate rider who likes to ride far and socialise in a small group, of likeminded, 12 people. Tempo is rolling speed between 23-25km/h on gravel with some good climbs. You should be comfortable in the saddle for 8-10h/day. You carry all equipment on your bike, including change, spares, energy, necessary tools etc.

Skåne 500 Rally Experience

In summer 2021 the first edition of Skåne 500 Rally Experience will take place. Different to the ordinary Gravel Experience this will be even more challenging, combining adventure with race pace. Further information coming soon.

Dates 2021

25-28 March (Booked by Aktivitus)
TBA Summer - Skåne 500 Rally Experience
16-19 September (Booked by Aktivitus)
TBA Fall


2 x Spa
3 × Lunch
2 × Dinner incl. 2 drinks/meal
2 × Breakfast
2 x Hotel nights, part in doubleroom
•  Maurten energypackage

•  Guide & tailored route
•  Skåne500-souvenir shirt

650 EUR /  person

Group of 12
First come first serve

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Room night before 150 EUR
Finisher night w. dinner 200 EUR
Singel room surcharge 60 EUR
Bike rental? Call Musette +46 (0)735290590